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Mining Fidessa Archived Data for Compliance, Audits and Investigations

SMORes enables your company to access archival data that the Fidessa system is unable to provide past specific drop-off dates. This is a critical requirement in an audit or investigation. Given that financial firms are obligated to be able to produce any and all trading records for a period of 7 years, SMORes gives you a high level of comfort that anything requested of you from the regulatory community is always available for recall.

SMORes also enables your company to access client tickets, inventory fill information, and other reports, in a legible, organized and aesthetically pleasing format not dissimilar to Fidessa's own front-end. It is customizable so that data can be arranged in any way you see fit, which enables you to target important fields and reduce redundancies for ease of reading. From a compliance perspective, SMORes can also be developed out further to mirror the range of applications available on Fidessa's Compliance module. The database is easy to log into, very quick, and well organized.

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